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Early Years Sessions

At TDA we know how dance and movement can have positive benefits on children and their families. Young children are made to move and are natural wigglers and dance is a fun and creative way to get young children connecting with their bodies.


Our early years sessions encourages taking turns, helping others, respect, coordination and much more!


We believe dance is a tool for expression, physical awareness, fitness, energising and can be thoroughly enjoyable for all.

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We love teaching in Early Years settings across Essex and Herts. Our classes aim to build confidence, co-ordination & imagination while using a range of props and familiar songs. We know how important physical activity is therefore our sessions are carefully designed to target key areas of learning which support the Government’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, providing the opportunity for young children to learn and develop key life skills in a healthy and safe environment.


All teachers hold a DBS and are fully insured.

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